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Protecting Computers From Malware Begins With the User

Computers have become one of the most important tools of modern society, but because of their nature they are also the most misunderstood and abused devices we have. Often this abuse is unintentional such as installing a piece of software so you can check out a new program, but this little test could lead to big trouble. If the application is from a trusted developer then you are probably fine, however one method of infecting a computer with malware is through bogus websites and fake software downloads. Another is infecting legitimate software with a host of programs designed to cause the user all sorts of problems.

The types of software which can infect your computer are varied, but usually fit in three basic categories. These are computer viruses which are usually designed to break or destroy the system in some fashion, spyware which is designed to track the various things you do on the computer and malware which cover most other programs that can attack your computer. These programs often allow outsiders to access your computer, steal your personal information or turn your system into a ‘bot’ which they can use to attack other computers.

Most malware is insidious and is designed to hide itself from the system and anyone else looking to root it out and some of these programs are extremely tough to eliminate. However, some spyware removal can be as easy as running a simple program or two. Unfortunately, some of these malware programs require specific steps to eliminate them from your computer and keeping track of these steps can be difficult. Thankfully, there are people on the web who are willing to document the detection and removal of many of these problem programs.  A great program that can help to remove malware and spyware is Spyhunter 4, which has a free scan that can help to determine if it would help or not.

Hackers all over the world are looking for ways to access your computer system. They have methods to hijack website URL’s or websites which can attack your browser using various scripting code and these folks are always thinking of new ways to trick the unwary computer user into making a mistake. However, computer security begins with the user and the first step in that security is always being aware of what you are doing. The other critical steps to protect your computer include running a firewall to restrict access to your computer and keeping your anti-virus software up to date.